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Canadian Link for North Watch Keep

I got the email from KDP that says the book is live in the store, but when I go look at it I get the ‘pricing not available for your country’.  It will be there, I am assured, within 24 hours.  Nothing is ever smooth, right?

In life news, we have green tomatoes in the garden and youngest got her casts off. The old casts were moving about an inch up and down her arms which kind of defeats the purpose of casts.  The doctor took off the too loose casts, looked at the x-rays and then decided she didn’t need them any more.  Now we are both Yay! but yesterday we were still in denial.  ‘What? Really?! No Way!’   Physiotherapy starts next week.

In writing news, I have added another 2K to the Finder.   I discovered that I had two different Scrivener files for the Finder this morning.  One has a lot of the early life and excitement, along with the accident that happens the day her first mentor retires.  The second had the whole series of scenes two years later when she realizes she is being targeted by a serial killer because she is finding his bodies.  They are all part of the same story so I think I need to put them all together.

I am also starting to compile two anthologies of short stories.  ‘Life and other strangers’  includes stories that are more modern time frame or science fiction, with a bit of a twist. The Girl who Dropped in for Dinner (a story about an Alien who accidentally arrives the afternoon of Thanksgiving Dinner) will be in this one.  My room mate from college made me finish that story by locking me in my room after reading the first three quarters of the story.

The second anthology has the working title “Tea with Dragons.”  It has the pieces that are more fantasy and medieval settings, like my short story ‘Outside the Lines’.  There is also a short piece called ‘The Bard’ relating to one of my longer novels that should be coming out next year.

In marketing news, I’ve started a Facebook page (Eli Winfield Author).  I’m up to 31 likes (yay–they like me!).  Come and stop by and chat.  I am also gearing myself up for organizing a proper email list with a free short story.  One day at a time, right.

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