A Gift of Words

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I’m still hanging in there, dear reader, in spite of the boxes and piles.  We are going through the usual first time home buyer paper work challenges–nothing major, just a lot of minor annoying challenges.  Our paperwork got stranded between two lawyers because there was a death in the office.  My  contractor had to redo his quotes because it wasn’t on letter head and in the format the mortgage company prefers. We had to find a survey of the land.  Little things, mostly out of my hands except for the nagging.  I am the one home to nag, so it is my stress to carry so others get through the bits that will make it all possible.   

In spite of it, or maybe because of it, I am turning to different ways to deal with my stress.  High on my list is exercise–and here I have to give credit to Jonathan and the team at the BootCampHub, who remind me daily that small consistent habits change the world, and that fun is as important as progress.  I’ve also been trying to consistently tackle declutter enough to fill at least half of a bag for charity from a different part of the house each day.  Today I worked in the sewing room–pattern stash and fabric hoard.  Yesterday I tackled my wardrobe and the linen closet.   A black bag a day will hopefully keep some of  the clutter from invading our new home.  Cleaning hasn’t made the list of stress management techniques yet (it will), but digging and weeding at the new house have both been used to good effect. The walkable yard space is growing larger.  

Writing has also happened.  Slow and steady, like a drip, a gift of words into the void of the page.  I have to keep reminding myself that it is small habits that will create productivity.  500 words a day on average will create a substantial amount of progress in the long run, particularly since once I really get going I know the words flow and five hundred will seem like nothing.  I have some plot planning to do for this second novella, but the story feels substantial.  

In other news, I’ve edited the first twenty pages of the Duodeca Project, and made an addition of a single scene at the beginning that totally sets everything up in a way that made the rest of the story just flow naturally.  I am excited to see how my second string beta readers respond to the changes because I think they strengthen the story substantially.  

On the business front, I’m reading through Jeff Walker’s new book Launch (and you should read it, too!).  It is a book of solid advice about creating and launching a business using internet marketing, from someone who has done lots of coaching in the area of setting up launches, and who used his strategies to sell his book and go onto the New York Times Best Seller’s list the week of his launch.  I read through and know that I need to tackle the challenge that is called building my tribe (and my email list) so that I can consistently reach people who like my writing.  All possible.  I just need to make some decent decisions and start.  Fear (and a feeling that it should be more perfect) are keeping me slightly stuck, but my goal before school is to get it started and rolling.  That is a reasonable amount of time, even with the move.  

So, until next time, dear reader, enjoy your gift of words!

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