A lesson from Stop Motion

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Yesterday after singing our Good Friday service (sight singing as an alto, no less!) we went to Wendy’s hang out to eat and chat.  It was fun, awesome, and interesting as always.  We brought a couple extras from the youth group with us.  While the adults were chatting about life, the universe, youth group and everything else under the sun, I watched as the boys made a stop motion film in the restaurant.  

An 8  second stop motion film that told a complete story.  

They had an idea, experimented and ran with it (through the whole restaurant).  The final results were awesome. And, it was easy. They didn’t get caught up in the technical, the story boards, the details, the minutiae.  They simply used their medium and told the story. 

Writing used to be like that for me–easy–and somewhere along the line I made it hard in the same way that I thought stop motion film was hard.  Creativity should be easy.  Not perfect, not shooting for excellence, but an exploration of ideas and words and gifts.  Becoming and experiencing more deeply, sharing that laughing silly muse and its imaginary friends.  

Now that I’ve let them out of the box, those imaginary friends of mine want to keep coming and playing. Sometimes that isn’t so convenient, but I can live with that.  I like my imaginary friends.  I like spending time with them, and letting them tell me their stories.  If I just tell their stories, it is easy.

My writing took a interesting turn this week.  My muse decided that I had started my story about The Finder in the wrong place, and demanded that I story card from a totally different spot than I expected, starting with the retirement of the police officer who found her when she found the first body, and running from there.  I can see the story, and it is not what I expected. But, starting in that different place, the story suddenly became easy to tell.  

After looking and reading different information about Witchcraft, Wicca, and psychic abilities, I realize that my character is far more complex and far less complicated than most of the research I’ve come across would explain.  Nothing against most psychics, but reading them has made me understand why my character isn’t them.  Grounded and centered in reality is probably her middle name.  She isn’t going to take or accept an explanation of ghosts or voices that is shrouded in crystals and letting someone else take over anything, let alone her body.  She already listens to enough voices, thank you very much, she doesn’t want to live with them inside her head running her thoughts, or driving her body like a car.  And she is really definite about that part of her abilities.  She hears voices, and sees connections in the web of life, and disturbances in that web, like others see auras of health and illness.  She has a firm belief that Healing hands must manipulate energy of some kind.  It stuck me last week that maybe the whole ‘hearing who is on the phone’ thing attributed to psychics  could be a way of hearing energy.  I wonder if the new digital phones make it harder to hear that wavelength of energy.   

So, this week, I’m just going to try letting the writing be easy, and see what happens.  Even if it is punctuated by things like replacing a dead car and doing taxes, I think it will be fun.  

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