A Tiny Squee!

by eliwinfield in Updates

Dear Reader,

I am sharing a tiny tiny squee or two today!  I got my ISBN account information (which makes all of this just a little bit more real).  I received notice that I will be getting my first royalty payments, and I got North Watch Keep published to Kobo.

I am excited to finally get all the things moving through the process so you can get your hands on things.  Really, the hard part about all of this is not the writing.  It is keeping track of the pieces and bits, sorting out the flow of the process to move from idea to story to published work, and making sure that you, dear reader, get the chance to get your hands on my work in all the venues you would like to find the words.

In celebration of all that good stuff, North Watch Keep is dropping to 99 cents.  Pre-orders for the next episode in the series will also open on Friday! Thanks for being here, and for listening.


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