Ad Astra

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This weekend, I spent three days at Ad Astra 2014, talking with writers about writing and ideas and concepts and all those things that make a difference to writing!  My brain is full, my fingers are fumbling with all the ideas running out the tips and I am tired from brain overload.   I feel a bit like the boy on the tricycle at the end of ‘The Incredibles’ movie yelling ‘That was totally wicked!’

To start my weekend, I spent Friday evening with Marie Bilodeau, and a variety of other authors including Stephen B. Pearl, talking about Myth and Legend in Fantasy and Science Fiction.  That panel morphed into the next one, discussing balancing a full time job and a writing career.  Stephen B. Pearl was fantastic, and gave me a list of solid reference suggestions for research sources on paranormal and occult.  Marie and I had a great chat about the fact that many authors using legend and myth allow themselves to be hemmed in by the myth, instead of building their own ‘outside of the box’ variation, or simply expanding on a theme.

Saturday morning, I got a change to meet, and listen to Patty Briggs talk about characters and character building, and then listen as she and her co-presenter gave ‘new author advice’ to another attendee.  I got a chance to talk to quite a few published authors, and get advice about how to begin to build my connections in the world of publishing.  And I had a blast.  I can’t even begin to say how much fun I had, and how much I learned.  I love Patty Briggs, and her husband Mike, even more now that I’ve met them and listened to them.

Sunday morning, my early morning coffee with Marie became an early morning chat with Nicole and a whole host of others because Marie had food poisoning.  I had a great discussion, and learned lots, and came away with some major goals, and a deadline or two.  All in all, it was a great weekend, and I am totally glad I went.

I can’t wait to go to CanCon!

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