And in the midst of it all, there is writing

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Hello dear Reader!  How have you been?

I’m doing fine.  A little bit of art, a little bit of teaching, a little bit of writing.  My life is both full and quiet at the same time.

Spring has arrived in our part of the world.  There are daffodils in our back yard and the grass is growing in the front.  Easter included a four day break of calm punctuated by singing.  No children at home.  Eldest was working and youngest was studying for exams and finishing assignments.  Hubbie built a lovely raised garden around the front porch which needs filling and planting.  He also put up the rest of the fence and the gate on one side of the house.  We still need to dig the posts for the fence on the other side of the house.  One day at a time, right?

School is its usual balancing act. I have one class that needs a totally different style of teaching from the other class of the same grade which takes coordination and thought to make sure everyone ends up at the same place.  There are politics exploding around me with situations involving others.  My students are lovely and challenging and fun all at the same time and we all have spring fever.

I’m inching my way through the end of the Physician King.  I’m averaging about half a scene and 400 words a day. My main character keeps having temper tantrums–well deserved temper tantrums, actually, because of politics–which would not be so bad except he makes the rocks in the floor move when he gets really upset.  All the players are getting themselves ready for the big crazy finish. I am just reminding myself that I am along for the ride.  The story wants to be finished.  My job is to let those words out into the world, to be the conduit that lets the words come to life and the story be told.

I’ve come to appreciate the concept that the story wants to be told.  I read that idea in ‘Big Magic’ and I believe this is true with all my heart.  The story wants to be told; it has waited most of a year for me to do my job, to sit down and tell it.  There are days I have to remind my characters that I can only write so fast and they have to give me a few moments (hours, days) to catch up to them, particularly since I need to work so I and my children can eat every day.  I love both my jobs which means my life will continue to be a balancing act.

I am working on what I need to do to let my stories out into the world, warts, imperfections and all.  The stories are gripping for me but I find it hard to allow myself say published is better than perfect.  Hubbie is currently yielding his ‘pink pen’ of doom on the first of the Cardonne series books.  Super School is out for its second round of beta readers.  It is all a balancing act of job and joy, home and pen.  And through it all, I appreciate that you are still here, listening and waiting for the next story.  It is nice to have you around.  You make this worthwhile.  So, thank you.

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