Back on the Horse

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My goodness, it has been a long time since I blogged about my writing (and I have to apologize about that).  Life has been insane, but at least in a good way.

We have a new house.  The house has a new roof, new eves, and newly refinished floors.  It is even mostly unpacked, and we have only lost one major thing–my bag that has everything for my paid directing gig.  School has started, and I am running from place to place this year instead of in my own room.  That change has its challenges, but they are being handled.  I like my job.  When other authors tell me that I should have a boring job so I can put all my energy into writing, I get a little twitchy.  Like my characters, I am not one thing.  I write, I create with fibre and fabric, I costume, and I teach.  All of it is part of me.  Maybe, if I hit it big and make millions writing I will leave teaching, but I seriously doubt it.

As the house gets more settled and there are bigger paths between the boxes I find myself itching to go back and finish stories.  I finally plunked myself down in front of the computer to chip away at Super School this week.   The story took a turn to the deep and awesome in the last six scenes, and I am excited to get to the finish line.  The characters have grown so very much since I started.

I am also discovering that I like the feeling of getting finished (more than the feeling of editing, anyway).  There is always a fear that you will finish a project and there will be nothing after it when you are a writer, something I can now see is a false fear.  There are so many more stories than I think I can write in my lifetime floating through my brain, and as I write them down, another one comes to life and plays in my head.

The Finder is finally moving out of research purgatory, and into serious planning mode.  Scene cards for the win!  The wall and floor of the office looks like I took out stock in the index card and sticky note company.   The truth is that either no one has actually researched or written about children with this kind of ability or they have written about it and it was then buried in some vault.  Any authors I could find who have written about people who find ‘the dead’ all deal with it from a very different perspective, one that really doesn’t apply to this character.

I wonder a bit as well if my understanding of this is the difference between being ‘psychic’ and being a ‘gypsy’.  Psychics (and here, I am making a gross generalization based on my research foray, because I know there are some that do not work this way) are special and weird with that third eye, who stand out of the norm with their shingle and announce to the world they are different.  Gypsies use their differences to make a living, but these abilities are just part of every day family life.  Everyone in the family has something, and you kind of bump along dealing with everyone’s differences in a very small space, sometimes well and sometimes badly.  Anyone who has lived with someone who just ‘knows’ things will understand this.  In modern life, we call it having excellent intuition most of the time, or giftedness, not psychic ability.  I think it all comes from the same skill set, connected in some way to how the divine connects us together through time and space.  In any case, research did not reveal any good sources that dealt with children growing up with these abilities, at least not in the ‘find the threads of the lost’ way.  I have decided to write, and then deal with issues in the editing phase.  I may hate myself later, but at least the words will be on the paper and out of my head.

The Stories of Cardonne are also trickling through.  It is interesting learning to write a series, and as I watch different television shows and read different series I see how each of them ties together and leads you to wanting to get the next book.  Hopefully this is a skill I can cultivate without my readers whining.  The last book I read with this kind of ending left me whining that the next book isn’t out until January!  I guess that is a good problem to have because it leads to the readers buying more books, but it still is annoying to wait.  I am remarkably impatient as a reader.  I need to become just as impatient to finish as a writer, I think.

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  1. letterboxingwithwaterlily says:

    Hah! Waiting until January. My favorite author writes 1 book every 5 years…. and the waiting is agony!!!

  2. boppingbeth says:

    Exactly! My favourite author (who is a husband and wife team) writes a new book every 9 months. What would happen if I wrote a new book every year, I wonder.

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