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Hello Dear Reader!

It has been a good week but a tiring week.  My classes got through the first half of their assessments (yay) which means I have lots of marking and planning to do.  Our employer walked away from bargaining (boo).  They did not make similar offers to us like they did other unions (double boo) or deal with the class cap issues, which means we go to level three of strike action and if nothing gets sorted out we start rotating strikes October 1.

The thought of rotating strikes chills my soul.

No one becomes a teacher for the money or the glory, particularly not an elementary second language teacher. You are there because of the kids.  My students have books to read because I bought them.  Almost all the materials used in my classroom I purchased myself.  I say classroom very loosely: I don’t have a classroom.  I am the run from room to room French teacher and I teach nearly a third of the students at my school.  I am not complaining–my students are great and I love my job.  But, the thought of ‘no class size cap’ chills me.  Imagine 32 three and four year olds with one teacher and you will totally understand my concern.  I am a tiny peg in a huge union and I have no control over what is happening.  I can only control my responses and keep my kids happy to be in my classes.  My stress management approach is to write and try to do exercise in the mornings.  The writing is going well.  The exercise?  Ha.

I have been trying a new morning routine.  I get up before school and write for half an hour or so.  So far, I have written every day since school started (and I have only been late to leave once).  Sometimes the words come easily and sometimes they are stilted and horrible but there are words on the page.  The story that is coming out is awesome.  Actually both stories are fun.  My sequel to The Dragons’ Court is super fun, and the rewrite of Super School is streaming out in great enthusiasm.

When I changed the starting age of my main character to an older child in Super School, she developed such an interesting voice.  And there are logical reasons for some of her issues and how she develops as a person.   There is a particularly wonderful scene when Paul and his brothers arrive to fix their house after a home invasion and Jonas carries in the new fridge by himself that made me laugh out loud.  When I read the story  to Hubie, he can tell me where we left off last time (memorable narrative, check) and as I read he keeps saying–go on, go on.  When I get to the end of the narration, he mutters a bit about how I should go write some more.  That is a very good sign.  I don’t normally write things that hold his attention quite like this story.  Or I use too many commas.  Or both.  But I am happy with the story and he is happy with the story.

I am feeling like a flake with the freebie.  I get halfway through the process of getting it to you, dear reader, and I get stuck on some stupid esoteric administrative question that I have no idea how to answer.  The same with releasing North Watch Keep on Kobo.  Some of the hold up is ISBN numbers.  I have applied for and finally gotten an answer from the people in charge asking for more information.  Hopefully my answer back to them will make them happy and all will be well and I will have access to numbers next week.  I know I should be doing things like pre-release hype, pre-orders for the book, and all that jazz.  Or sending out emails and asking if you want to become part of my special release team, but, I am going to be honest.  I am not quite at that point.  I will be, but I am not there yet.  If I get the freebie to work automagically this week, I will be happy.  The next step, releasing Dragons’ Court, will not happen until You, dear reader, get the freebie.  I will master this issue.  I will get through this.  You will profit from my managing the challenges.  In the meantime, I am just going to keep writing.

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