Do You Struggle With Picking a Book title?

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The first draft of the newest novella is done!

With the help of  Nayor, a black dragon, Anary and Flax try to stop Jentha from overrunning Fairhaven.

And the book description:

The Overlords were once called the Speakers of the Dragons but no one in Fairhaven  thinks dragons exist.  Lord Flax, General of Fairhaven, is caught between the ‘Cleansing’  of the peasants and the war with Jentha.   Now his dreams are being invaded by  Anary, a beautiful peasant with a powerful overlord gift who hears dragons.  But even with the help of Nayor, a black dragon, can Anary and Flax save Fairhaven?

The novella’s current  working title is Lord Flax’s Lady, but I am not sure if this is the right one.  Other titles I’ve come up with include The Dragon’s Court; Flax and the Dragons; Speaker for the Dragons or Anary, Sword of Justice.

Anyone have a preference?

Do any of you struggle with picking a book title?

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