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Hello Dear Reader.

It has been a long time.  My poor old computer developed this lovely crack along the back spine, like a clamshell peeling apart about the last time I posted on the blog.  Then it started groaning every time I opened it, and over heating.  Not good.

I broke down at Christmas and bought a new computer.  A new computer was both good and bad: good, because it is lighter, smaller, faster and doesn’t over heat or creak; bad  because all of the logins for everything I have were on the old computer.  Remember how all the experts tell you to WRITE down all your logins and  site information and put them in a safe but retrievable place?  I didn’t do that.

But I have them now.

I was definitely writing even though I wasn’t blogging about writing.  I convinced my writing friends from Guelph Write Now to join me for a weekly ‘write in’ meeting.  We started meeting before Nanowrimo in October and we are still meeting once a week.   I am enjoying the fact that I have accountability for my writing with a great group of writers.  I’ve also joined Scribophile, an author’s site where stories are read and critiqued.  I’m still getting my feet under me on that site, but it is a great place to read writing at different stages, and to read other people’s critiques.   You learn a lot about how good  writers think about editing.

Since my last post, the novella set in Fairhaven,  Son of The King, has gone through another round of edits and should be available for release this month.  I’m still figuring out the whole ‘downloading for free’ and cart stuff of the business side of writing.  And fighting with it.

Dragon’s Court is at the editor for line edits.   The Physician King (working title) has gone from a novella to a full length novel. I’m at the dreaded 7/8 stretch– not quite done and arghh will it ever end–phase of writing, trying to move all the right characters to the right place for the big finish.  I’m also drawing maps and making my series bible.  With four books in the same universe, I need a series bible to maintain consistency.  There are so many stories fighting the good fight in my head these days, all arguing who will get their turn next, that I’m having trouble keeping track of which character has blue eyes and which one has green.

I’m also rewriting Super School, the first manuscript I finished when I started back on this journey to become a published author.  My writing has changed a lot in the last years (practice makes better!) and there was a lot of world building I needed to explore so  I  could do the ‘show not tell’ that everyone pounds into your head as a new author.   I have several minor characters who must be excised from the manuscript and at least one name change. Not name drift–no, the characters all have the right name all the way through.  They just all have names that sound almost the same.

I’m a bit sad about having to take out the dimension phasing alien but as I rework things, the story is coming to life.  My beta readers agree.  When  I read the first three chapters to my daughter’s friends at Spring Break and the story got groans at the right moments and the ‘What? You finished? Nooo….”  It is always nice to have feedback that makes you smile.

I promise I won’t take so long next time to give you an update.   Thank you for sticking with me during the long silence.  Readers are like gold and I appreciate you.





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