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Life often gets in the way of writing.  Take this week for instance, which looks like this:

  • Sunday–church event, with public speaking component
  • and report cards
  • Monday–choir directing at school, choir practice, church meeting in the evening
  • and report cards
  • Today, Tuesday–our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary (and yes, there are still hearts in my eyes when I think of my hubbie, even when he drives me around the bend), choir practice, planting the flowers that are dying in my back yard before they actually die,
  • and report cards
  • Wednesday–choir concert (afternoon and evening)
  • and report cards
  • Thursday–um–report cards!
  • Friday–hand in report cards, take a deep breath, choir practice,
  • Saturday–Karate, start packing, hopefully NO report cards (which if I do them instead of procrastinating will be the case)

Things not yet scheduled this week include signing house papers, and not losing my mind.

Notice anything about my week dear reader?  Yeah, no writing….

The problem here (tell me that other writers have this problem too!) is that I have learned from long and bitter experience that I get cranky and irritable if I do not write.  The stories do not turn off even when I stop writing them down–they just drive me a little batty.  And writing report cards is not the same thing as writing the Stories of Cardonne that play like mini movies in my head..

I am also doing the work to actually market my novel, because releasing the stories to you, dear reader, is the point of all this writing. Even if it makes me feel like I am jumping onto a huge roller coaster, stomach in hand.   So, sometime this week, I hope to have a page asking you to sign up for my email list.  

As a thank you for signing up for my email list would you like the first chapter of The Duodeca Project or a stand alone story of Cardonne?  Leave a comment below and let me know.  

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