Mini-goals and Permission Slips

by eliwinfield in Musings

Hello dear reader,

It is a lovely hot summer day in late September and despite my having caught ‘the crud’ currently making its way through our school population I am writing away, punctuated by marking beginning of year assessments. I have great classes this year and a very varied schedule.  I am doing everything from grades 1 to 8. My schedule includes two grade of core French, music, drama and dance and one class of grade 8 health. I spend half my days singing and dancing and the other half running. But all is good. My heart seems to have settled down and I am back to scheduling time for writing. This week I even stayed awake during my writing time. For the first two weeks of school, every time I sat in my chair I promptly started snoring. 

I’m going to start my steady slow paddle with mini goals, small pieces of work that can be accomplished in a couple of hours in the hopes I can stave off attacks of my Paralysing Perfectionism that keeps getting me stopped dead in the water.  My mini goal this week is blurbs: author blurb, book blurb, story blurbs for each of the stories in ‘Life and Other Strangers’.

I am wondering if I need a permission slip to get my inner editor let my work go.  Yes, an actual permission slip. I grew up In the days when getting an agent or a publishing contract that was your permission slip to let your work out into the world.  For Geoff Goins, his permission slip was calling himself an author. I think my paralyzing perfectionism needs something concrete, something I can look at every day like a piece of paper that gives me permission to share my stories with the world. It sounds silly but it feels real. So, dear reader, anyone know where I can get a permission slip? How do you deal with the fear of letting yourself be seen, of letting others see your art or creations?

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