Muse Wars…

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Oh, dear reader, I am sure that you understand the title muse wars….

My muse is awesome and wonderful and flighty.  Unfortunately, she wants me to finish all things I started before I write anything new.  I want to write something new while I go through HTTS with the current class (bored?  well, maybe…) and she digs in her cute little heels and crosses her arms and pouts.  Pouting is bad.  The words stop when she pouts.  She wants me to finish the last manuscript (or two or three).  She wants me to edit ‘Here be Dragons (WT) properly, and she wants me to edit The Duodeca Conspiracy with great enthusiasm and then let it out into the world.  While I am at it, she wants me to send out about five short stories including ‘The Girl who Came to Dinner’, ‘Chosen’, ‘Michael’s Baby’, ‘Second Best’ which won a second place prize, and ‘The Bard’.  I want to whine that I am not ready; she just crosses her arms, and we are into Muse Wars.

But, since this is a blog to document what I am doing, not a blog to document whining about what I am not doing, I am going to sit here and blog about what I have done in the last month.

I joined the ‘Kindle in 30’ challenge while I was attempting to expand my horizons.  If you have not checked out the work by The Book Ninja, you should if you are a writer and want to publish.  So far, I have learned lots and lots and I am in week 1 of training.  I am not so terrified of publishing as I was.  I have a plan for dealing with tax numbers.  My only quibble with the course is that it is really focused towards non-fiction, and I write fiction.  It is a minor quibble.

I have added 7 thousand words to the Finder, along with a short story that just might end up being my ‘please sign up to my email list’ bonus.  The story is very fun!   I have signed up for an email list service, and I am starting to figure out the business stuff.  I have figured out a publisher name (whohooo!) which was not as easy as it sounds.  It took me two hours to find a name I loved that worked that no one else had.   I even have an idea for a logo.   I have attempted to write more than 500 words every day.  As someone wise once said:  the reader doesn’t know the difference between 500 easy words and 500 hard words.  Once I stopped trying to stuff the finder into a little box, life was much better.

I am off to AdAstra this weekend, which will be amazing, while my hubbie does his family’s taxes.  Hopefully I come back from the weekend full of enthusiasm and news.  Starting in two weeks, I move up to a twice  a month schedule for my blog posts.  I am doing stuff for my writing.  It is time to document this more frequently.

Until next time, dear reader…

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