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There is this great theory that you can set everything up to post automagically on a weekly schedule,  and stay a strong online presence.  I can say, honestly, it is a great theory!  I am sure it works.  Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out the magic (yet!).  I will, but apparently this means that my ‘weekly schedule’ has slipped to monthly.  It won’t stay that way, dear reader, but it may have to go to every other week for a while until the house is purchased and the other challenges in my life have an end.

Yes, it is June, and that creative writing experience called report cards is upon me.  

Report cards are the quarterly report where you want to say:  Little Johnny doesn’t do anything except argue that he should not have to do work because he has green eyes.  Saying that, of course, is politically unwise for oh so many reasons, so you write things like:  Johnny struggles to stay on task, and rarely completes the required assignments in a timely manner.  Johnny has really expanded his ability to argue a position, but rarely listens to others and their opinions.   Report cards are an exercise is writing with wit and humour and honesty, but with grit and tact as well.  There are ways to write them, and there are ways NOT to write them.  

However, I digress.

In my writing life,  I have also been writing–moving forward on many projects.  On the good side–writing writing writing! On the bad: I am studiously ignoring my writer’s ADHD, because yes, I am not finished the Super School Story’ I am not even started on The Finder, and don’t get me going about the editing of the Duodeca Project.  

I started the How to Write a Series Expansion Course with Holly Lisle, and that is where the magic is happening in my writing life.  My series centers around the city of Cardonne, a city rumored to be the retirement home of some underground organization that no one every mentions but everyone knows exists.  

In the first story, a blood mage moves in to town, and frames Paul, the grandson of a famous mage but not a mage himself,  for the abduction and murders of four women.  In the second, an unexpected off planet visitor causes roommate and romatic chaos during the Thanksgiving holiday. It is an experiment in writing and online publishing.  And it should be fun.  

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