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Oh, Dear Reader,

So when you are a ‘real professional’ are you allowed to tell your readers that you are struggling to get all the pieces to play nicely together or are you supposed to be the quiet upper lip type who just doesn’t fulfill promises?  If I had not promised a blog that actually documented the real progress of an author’s journey, I think I would be in the ‘stiff upper lip’ camp.  But this is not that blog, and I am not that writer.  The truth is lots of people will tell you it is easy.  Sometimes it is.  The story usually is easy.  The rest of the pieces?  Ha!  Remember how I said I was going to get this all working by the 1st of September assuming technology plays nicely?

Well, I have all the pieces.

Free book for subscribers–check. (It is short book but it is a complete story.  I will never be one of those authors who gives you three chapters and then says–go buy the book!  No, this one is a whole finished story.  And Marsh is that character that is not your ‘typical knight in shining armor’ dude.  And I talked to my friend Paul and let him know his name is in the front of that book  yesterday.  Because if ever there was a guy who is not your typical ‘knight in shining armor’ it is Paul Z.).

Formatted for Kindle and Kobo and pdf–check.

Loaded to a space in cyberspace where you can all get it from–check, but with some difficulty.  Amazon S3 suffers from serious technobabble.  I am sure it makes sense to someone. 

List for the subscribers to sign up to–check

Pretty cover for the book–check

Page written that tells you I will not spam you and please tell me where to send you the free book–check

I also have a bookshelf that will direct you to buy books at your site of choice, and my own shopping cart so you can buy things here.

But …the technobabble, dear reader, the technobabble!

I am defeated by the computer geeks version of clear speaking which is why you are still looking at the tumbling egg timer of websites. I must have a plug in or a piece or something that does not play nicely with something else.  I do not know how to fix it so it all plays nicely together,  Today I am back to my full time work.  Tonight or tomorrow I will hopefully find someone else who can help me make it all work together. I might go back to a different format of website until I can get the Author theme (which I like!) to play nicely with my cart and my email sign up page.

In the meantime, I am going to go back to my writing and getting words on the page.  At least Carl is cooperating better than my website.

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