Super School!

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The first draft of Super School is done! While the rafters of our house are ringing with glee  and I am dancing through the house, my husband is covering his ears.  He is also covering all my commas in the Duodeca Project  with red pen. I can mostly live with that.

But Coming up with a blurb for Super School?–you know, the thirty second sell me elevator speech? Yeah.  Bwahahah!  Nothing I’ve come up with makes me happy.  How do I summarize the story in a way that would make others want to read it?  I’m not sure.  This is the same area I need to focus on developing for the Duodeca Project–the ‘read me read me because I will suck you in and let you out of your own reality for just a little while’ blurb.

Here’s the first draft of the blurb (but I am sure there will be other versions):

Marietta Smith is an unlikely teenage super hero–physically mundane with an unusual ‘wild talent’.  While she studies at ARCs, (aka Super Hero High), she learns that being a super hero means more than being able to bench press a bus, and that it isn’t easy being different.  When the entire future of the super hero world is threatened by an unknown enemy, will Marietta choose to step up to protect her friends and the world at large? 

Although the story ended where I expected, I never expected how it got there.  It is always so cool when the story comes to life like that and takes total left turns.  The thing I am so proud of, however, is how much Marietta grows over the course of the book.  In the beginning, she sounds like a young teenager.  At the end, in that moment when she chooses to save the few she can even if she dies as a result?  That is just an awesome moment, and it makes me hope I grow up to become just as good as she did.

Tomorrow?  Beta readers, and setting DH loose with the red pen.  Tonight–celebrations because the first draft is done!

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