The Duodeca Project: Beta Reader Feedback.

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Today, I am sharing a squee. Maybe it will be looked back on as a self indulgent squee, but honestly, I think having this written somewhere is important, particularly as I start my rejection letter collection.  

 I got my first beta reader feedback on my recently finished novel, The Duodeca Project.   

A summary of the novel:  

The Duodeca project, an unstoppable biological weapon decades in development, is about to be unleashed on the world. Jo, unsuspecting and lost in the backwoods of North Dakota, stops for a cup of coffee and finds herself vaulted into the middle of the international bio-terrorism conspiracy.  Can she, and others, stop the potential pandemic before it is too late? 

My beta reader got the first draft, and the request to tell me if there were places that didn’t make sense or it dragged.  The draft is just under 115K  words in length. 

This was her feedback:

I loved your novel so incredibly much!!! Hurry up and write the sequel ;) (I’m only half kidding) You are very talented and I look forward to reading your future works! I finished it last night at work. For my 15 minute breaks I made a comfy reading fort in the insulation :) I really truly loved it and it didn’t lag anywhere.’

I cannot put into words, dear reader, how I am feeling right now. While I am sure (since it was a first draft, and I am a recovering perfectionist) there are errors and things that could be tightened up in the manuscript, the fact that I have a reader who loves what I wrote in the uncut version fills my heart.  

This is really what being a writer is about: having readers who love what you wrote, who are enjoying the world your characters live in, and who can escape their own lives to live, fifteen minutes at a time, in the world with your characters.  Readers who only have 15 minute chunks to read, and who choose to make a space so they can read your books, and who celebrate getting an extra 15 minutes to read so they can keep reading your book.

I am a writer.


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