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What I am learning about writing is that there is always something else to do.  This is very true because I am trying to stuff creating the vast majority of my ‘author website’ development in before I get back to school and life interferes with the writing schedule.

This week,  my list is a little bit crazy in a good way.  I am trying to get through:

  • my first watch through of  Your First 10 000 readers (this course is amazing!)
  • getting a proper author website set up and going (working on this–half way…)
  • getting my subscriber list set up and going  (this!  I did this!)
  • getting my freebies ready for the subscriber list (working on typing this!)
  • getting the novella ready for the editor (um, right…)
  • updating my key words and search terms for North Watch Keep
  • making sure that my next novella has all the right key words,makes logical sense, is edited, has a pretty cover, is ready to upload….
  • set up my accounts for Kobo, and iBooks, and whatever else I need to make sure that my Auntie E. can buy my book

That is not counting all those life things like taking youngest to physiotherapy and work, weeding the garden, cleaning the house, painting, organizing the insane amount of stuff that got moved but never got unpacked and thinking about knitting.  You know, life.

Right now, I am super proud of myself because I just finished making my basic author website (under my name even!) with a sign up form.  Of course, now I get to figure out how to get all the things from here to there but I can do that.  It isn’t ready for visitors quite yet

Bottom line:  if you have not investigated ‘Your First 10000 Readers’  and you are an author that wants to have an online presence that is managed in a thoughtful way, you should really check out this course.  I’ve tried several different ways to get myself over the online presence hurdle (set up a proper website with purchase my books buttons, and a sign up/email list button) since I started trying to become a serious author.  This course is the course that got me there, and I am only half way through.

Excited cannot begin to cover it!

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