The writer’s life–making excuses…

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Today, I am finding the writer’s life hard, and I am making excuses.  I admire those writers like Mercedes Lackey the awesome who come home and write ten pages every single day, who do their edits and send them back without complaining.  They are the authors I wish to become, but today even two pages seems like an insurmountable mountain of crazy.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it is because I spent the week with students who need time and attention, who deserve my care and my creativity.  Maybe it is because whatever intestinal bug is going around school has actually hit my department.  Maybe it is because I am making excuses.

Yeah, I am making excuses.  I can even admit, dear reader, that I am making excuses.  I am making excuses because the story of the Finder is going to pull blood and sweat and tears from my writing soul, and that is never easy.

There isn’t an easy way into the story of the Finder.  I am finding myself stuck at the story cards instead of letting the words just flow out of me in first draft form.  There are so many questions with this story. Why her?  Why is her ability to find things so interesting?  Why does she keep finding bodies?  How is her boyfriend going to handle the fact that she finds the dead, that they talk to her?  Is the man who is interested in her interested because she can find the body of his dead wife, or because she is fascinating?  How does the fact she finds a cavern relate to the story?

I want to believe the story should be easy (because in all honesty, it should be easy; every other story has been easy) but this one isn’t an easy story.  She isn’t an easy character to get to know, because she has been through so much, and found things in spite of herself. And serial killers are just way out of my comfort zone.  But the story is what it is even if I struggle to read it out loud.  Maybe that is the problem.  My husband and daughter both got to the finger attached to the rose part and refused to listen to any more words.  This is the first time that has ever happened, and now I am stuck, struggling to find an ‘in’ into the writing of the story.  What if my story is just too much out there?  What if I am selling out by writing a serial killer story?  What if…

Yeah.  Lots of fears.  Lots of excuses.  Not a good place to slip into the story.

So dear reader, what are your tips for finding your way into the writing of the yarn?  Do you just power through?  Do you dump it all into a document and hope that editing will fix the mess you write?  Do you try to make it logical, like a sequence, or write down what is playing in your head like a movie?  How do you make this writing thing work for you?  Or do you (like me?) usually wimp and make excuses?

But, truthfully, this is the year.

No more excuses.

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