Working Working Working–We are under Construction–please ignore the mess.

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Welcome, dear Reader!  I am excited to see you here, peaking at the bones of this empty building.  Right now the rafters are empty.  The bookshelves need filling, and someone needs to fix the cash register.  But, it is still mine.

If you didn’t realize it, right now everything is still under construction.

At the moment, the newsletter sign up page needs some help.  (Sorry, Learning curve ahead).  If you do not get an opt-in email when you sign up for the newsletter it means I did not manage to fix the problem.  Please let me know at  I am working on it, and I will let you know when it goes live.

I will be offering book purchases on this site for all the different formats, including KOBO (just for you, Auntie EJ), Kindle, iBooks and PDF.  We just have to make sure the buttons all work.

There will also be an awesome ‘members only’ space just for subscribers to the email list.  Members will get to preview the first parts of the novellas and novels, read a few stories from story collections for a week or two, find some of my character art and other cool things.   This area is still under construction (and under wraps until the store opens).

The plan is for me to move everything here by September 1.  Subscribers to my newsletter will get a bonus (yes, an awesome freebie!), advance notice for my new book releases and maybe even a coupon code or two…..


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