Works in Progress

3D-Book-sm-dragons court


3D-Book-sm-Life and Other Strangers

The Dragon’s Court–Historical Fantasy (Sword and Sorcery) Romance.  Can Anary, Speaker to the Dragons, and Flax, the Overlord Knight who loves her, call a Dragon’s Court in time to save Fairhaven?  due out in September 2015.

Life and Other Strangers A story collection about the strangeness of life, dealing with loss, and listening to your heart.  due out in October 2015.

Currently in progress:

The Finder--Romantic thriller about Isabelle Maynard, a woman who finds things like bodies, and the serial killer stalking her.

Tea with Dragons–A fantasy story collection dealing with dragons.

Stories of Cardonne: Magic and Mythe Works–an urban fantasy series set in Cardonne, a university town.  Nothing ever happens in Cardonne, particularly nothing that would draw attention to magic.  The Mage Circle makes sure of it.  Unfortunately a serial killer and the mages under his command have other ideas.

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